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Restaurants deliver, and ESCAPE Newport News does, too!

ESCAPE-to-GO™ is an escape room rental that is delivered to you wherever you are. Whether you're having a work party, school function, or a rainy game night at home, an ESCAPE-to-GO will keep even the most active bodies and minds busy. Complete the ESCAPE-to-GO™ in record time? Invite more people to your event and see if they can beat your time! Escape as many times as you would like, you get to keep your ESCAPE-to-GO™ for 24-hours*. We also have duplicates of every ESCAPE-to-GO™; rent both of them to compete head-to-head.

  1. Reserve an ESCAPE-to-GO™ through our booking system. For a limited time, rent an ESCAPE-to-GO™ for only $47.50 with a security deposit of only $50**.

  2. Between 12pm and 2pm on your reservation date we will deliver a mysterious suitcase to you.

  3. Open the front pouch to discover your story line, instructions, hint book, and first clue. Unlock the suitcase and reveal your new world.

  4. The following day, your ESCAPE-to-GO™ will be picked up between 2pm and 3pm.


*To escape again, use the reset instructions in the back of the hint book!
**ESCAPE-to-GO™ rental fee is $47.50; $50 security deposit is refunded after ESCAPE-to-GO™ is returned and all contents are verified.

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detective mills

Episode 1: The Arch-Nemesis

A mysterious criminal mastermind has taunted, teased, and terrorized Detective David Mills for years. Now MILLS IS reaching out to your team of private detectives for help. If you don’t act quickly, your city is in danger. Use everything Mills has given you to stop this arch-nemesis from executing his devious plan, or else you might be drawn into the madness.
Recommended for ages 14+ for implied criminal  behavior and complexity. Requires internet access. entertains 4-6 people for 45-60 minutes.


the disgruntled roommate

CNU edition

The dorms are closing for summer break, and you have to move out.  Your passive-aggressive roommate locked your car keys and cell phone in one of your suitcases. you've been putting up with him all year and this is the last you have to see from him. Recruit your friends to figure out the puzzles, and find your phone and keys. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck on campus all summer ... without housing. Recommended for ages 12+ for mild bathroom humor and challenging puzzles. entertains 6-8 people for 60-70 minutes.